Holistic - Energetic - Spiritual Psychologists

What is the Need, Pain, Problem...
Sometimes when life is hard,
We feel alone, scared, anxious, depressed...
Sometimes we learn to survive and overcome odds,
Many solutions numb the pain of our human heart...
Still, we continue to do more of the same to each other,
Innovating structures and exploring possibilities,
Hoping for love and yearning for the pain to heal.

What We Do...
We inspire individuals, couples, groups and communities to co-create a climate wherein
connection and sustainable healing love relations can evolve and thrive.

Why We Do It...
We envision a relational landscape thriving with networks of authentic healing relationships
that heals the heart of our human souls, fosters well-being, and connects our humanity.
We envision human relations empowered in embodying love, kindness, joy, peace and gratitude,
thus leaving a legacy of a safer world for us all, our children and the generations to come.

contact: phillalei@phillalei.com

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